Tattoo Butter


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Tattoo Butter


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Product Description

Indulge your skin in the luxurious care of InkAlchemy Tattoo Butter, meticulously crafted to deliver a calming sensation and preserve skin flexibility during every tattooing session. Infused with a blend of nourishing elements, including shea butter, coconut oil, and essential vitamins, this premium skin care formulation is dedicated to minimizing redness, swelling, and bleeding.

Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in the absence of harmful chemicals, ensuring the safety of all skin types. With InkAlchemy Tattoo Butter, you can trust that your tattoo healing process is not only gentle but also optimized for vibrant, long-lasting colors.

Elevate your tattooing experience with a touch of indulgence – because your skin deserves the finest care.

Directions For Use

1. Preparation

Before starting the tattoo, ensure the skin is clean and dry. Apply a small amount of InkAlchemy Tattoo Butter to the area that will be tattooed. This will help in softening the skin and creating a smooth surface for the tattoo needle to glide upon.

2. During Tattooing

During the tattoo session, the butter can be reapplied as needed. It helps to keep the skin moisturized and eases the glide of the tattoo machine. The butter's formulation also helps to prevent clogging of the tubes and needles.

3. Aftercare

Once the tattoo is complete, clean the area with a mild, non-alcoholic cleansing solution and pat dry gently. Apply a thin layer of InkAlchemy Tattoo Butter to the tattooed skin. It will provide the necessary moisture and help mitigate itching and flaking during the healing process. It is recommended to use it multiple times a day to maintain optimal skin hydration.

4. Continuous Care

To maintain the tattoo's brightness and definition, continue applying InkAlchemy Tattoo Butter daily even after the skin has fully healed.


• Do not use the bandage if the package is damaged or if the bandage is compromised in any way.
• If the tattoo exudes pus or the client experiences severe redness, pain, or fever, advise them to seek medical attention as these may be signs of infection.
• The client should not swim, soak in a tub, or partake in activities that would heavily soak or stress the film and tattoo during the initial healing phase.


• Store the Tattoo Butter in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.
• Ensure the lid is tightly closed after each use to maintain its freshness and effectiveness.

InkAlchemy Tattoo Butter is an essential tool for tattoo artists looking to provide the best care for their clients’ tattoos, enhancing healing and preserving the art’s integrity for years to come.

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